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Kitchen & Service Advisory

"When it comes to general kitchen design and conception, it is essential to prioritize, starting with maximizing the efficiency of the kitchen so that operations are clean, fast and precise. Clearly defined procedures are crucial and must facilitate easy communication between different sections and kitchen teams."

The heart of any culinary business is the kitchen and service department. From advice on design and fittings, to creating effective and efficient procedures, to staff training and observance of laws and guidelines, Frederic’s expert guidance will take the stress out of any culinary venture – from restaurant makeovers, to setting up a new commercial kitchen to designing multiple dining outlets for a resort or beach club. Offering a creative, tailor-made strategy for each and every endeavor, your collaboration with Frederic will set you on the way towards achieving business longevity and enduring success.  


  • Kitchen design and layout 

  • Kitchen equipment selection

  • Systems and procedures

  • Staff training

  • Management team training 

  • Food safety assessment

  • Liquor licensing guidelines

  • Hygiene policies & procedures

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