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Food and Menu Development

"The greatest strength of a chef in the hospitality industry is to be able to make diversified dishes of great quality. But, consistency is also crucial, from sourcing the best ingredients, to detailed preparation, perfect seasoning, ensuring the right temperature of dishes, immaculate timing and uniform presentation. When creating and preparing menus it is essential that food is tasty, but also that the ingredients are still defined and not denatured."

Success for any F&B operation begins with a great chef using high quality ingredients to create excellent food. But in order to really succeed you need more than a collection of tasty dishes. The world is now full of ‘foodies’ who are sophisticated, knowledgeable and discerning so it’s essential to stay ahead of the game, be ‘on trend’ and drive guest loyalty while also being profitable. Whether creating a menu from scratch or revamping your current menu, Frederic will complete a thorough analysis and advise on everything from concept to menu design and development, pricing and presentation. The result? A flawless balancing act of tantalizing cuisine with a successful and sustainable business.


  • Analysis of food & beverage business – in terms of market positioning

  • Menu research and development

  • Menu conceptualization and design

  • Recipe research & development in regards to authenticity, innovation, local produce etc.

  • Ingredient substitutes (e.g. Halal needs, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan)

  • Menu costs/pricing 

  • Food tasting & improvements

  • Food and beverage presentation 

  • Recipe training

  • Supplier relationships

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